Diploma in Human Resource Management

Diploma in Human Resource Management


6 Semesters




Classroom & Online

Human Resource Management is a strategic approach towards management of the organization’s most valued assets-‘the people.’ This course is primarily concerned with the policies, processes and procedures which make up the Human Resource Management function and which are applied in the management of people in organizations.

What you will learn

  • Communication Skills
  • Life Skills
  • Information & Communication Technology (Practical & Theory)
  • Entrepreneurship- Business plan
  • Financial accounting
  • Business law
  • Fundamentals of human resource
  • Office administration & management
  • Quantitative techniques
  • Human and public relations
  • Labor and industrial law
  • Human resource development
  • Principles and practice of marketing
  • Theory and practice of human resource management
  • Principles and practice of management
  • Labor and industrial relations
  • Accounting and control
  • Organizational theory & behavior
  • Reward management
  • Economics
  • Project

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